Civil War Times Book Review (October 2019 Issue)

Jul 23, 2019 by Sue Thibodeau, in News and Notes
I am excited to share this news: The Civil War Times magazine published an editorial review of my guidebook, Bicycling Gettysburg National Military Park (paid link), in its most recent issue (October 2019, page 67). I was honored and happy to read that the reviewer, Melissa Winn, used the guidebook and maps to tour Culp's Hill. Here is a small excerpt of how Melissa described the experience:

"After following the book's Culp's Hill course on a balmy Saturday morning in May, I'm sold that there may be no better way to tour the battlefield than on two wheels. The opportunity to cruise past the landscape's open fields, rocky hills, and woodlots, while easily hopping on and off bike for frequent stops to read monuments or signage or to snap photographs, is incomparable. Anybody looking to do the same could only enhance their experience through the use of Thibodeau's informative battlefield guide."

Wow. Thank you. It's very exciting to hear about people's experiences cycling Gettysburg National Military Park. First-time cyclists are often truly surprised that  touring "Gettysburg on two wheels" lends itself to such an flexible, enjoyable and rich learning experience.

The Civil War Times review begins like this:

"Whether you're a cycling enthusiast, history buff, or both, Sue Thibodeau's Bicycling Gettysburg National Military Park: The Cyclist's Civil War Travel Guide is a must-have for your next visit to Gettysburg. In fact, this 286-page book is so chock-full of useful maps, photographs, and reference information about the battlefield's monuments, farm buildings, and areas of interest that it should be in the daypack of anybody touring the park and/or town of Gettysburg." 

And I am happy to hear this opinion echoed by an online customer:

"Very informative!! Loads of maps and photos, so much information, just read it slowly and take it in or will be over whelming . Great book whether your biking or touring battlefield any other way." ~Verified Amazon Customer Review