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ANTI Route 3 Companion Map (C&O Canal Northbound Access Points), PDF download

For Your Northbound C&O Canal Ride
Bicycling Antietam National Battlefield 3
Published by Civil War Cycling

Route 3 provides detailed maps and instructions for selecting between two options for exiting (and returning to) the C & O Canal Towpath. This is a guide for bicyclists who are riding north on the towpath and want a safe, convenient, and educational excursion through Antietam National Battlefield. For expanded coverage of a battlefield tour, please consider also using Civil War Cycling's Route 1 Companion Map. (There is very little duplication between these two map sets, because their purposes are different).

The Route 3 Companion Map also includes high-level maps of Western Maryland, the geography around Sharpsburg, and about twenty miles of towpath. It has bonus pages with detour maps, photos, and historical summaries. Click here for details.

Digital (PDF) | 30 pages | $5.95 USD | 6" x 9" | May 3, 2020

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