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GNMP Deluxe Map Bundle (PDFs)

13 Bicycle Routes
Bicycling Gettysburg National Military Park
Published by Civil War Cycling

Print or view on any PDF-enabled device. 
Save over 30% on this bundle of 13 bicycle routes.

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Take the uncertainty out of planning a fun, safe, and educational bicycling adventure in Gettysburg National Military Park (GNMP). 

The GNMP Deluxe Map Bundle provides detailed color maps, turn-by-turn directions, GPS coordinates, and monument photographs for 13 bicycle routes as ten separately downloadable PDF files that total 206 pages: GNMP Routes 1, 1b, 2, 3, 3b, 4, 5, 6-7, 8, and 9-11

This bundle is an optional digital supplement to the guidebook, Bicycling Gettysburg National Military Park. The guidebook is an experiential learning resource for "bicycling historians" that also provides detailed maps and cues for Route 1 (23.8-miles, 5-6 hours). To keep the book light enough to carry on your ride, it does not include detailed route maps and bicycle cues for routes other than Route 1. That's why Civil War Cycling offers PDF companion maps. 

With these maps, you can:

  • Enjoy historically-themed bicycle routes that showcase 100+ Gettysburg monuments
  • Choose the length and difficulty of your ride (from 1.5 miles to 23.8 miles)
  • All routes are circular and respect one-way roads
  • Avoid town roads where possible, and know your sidewalk options
  • Easily find restrooms, water sources, bicycles racks and other amenities
  • Combine routes into multi-day tours
  • Travel light by stuffing printed maps in your jersey
  • Travel light by reading on your PDF-enabled mobile device (at a stop)


It's easy:
Enjoy your purchase without the hassle of license keys, passwords, or timers! You may view or print Civil War Cycling's companion maps for personal (non-commercial) use. Of course, you will need a program like Adobe's free PDF Reader.

How to download your PDF maps:
PDF maps are "bundled" to save you money. But they are not bundled using installation or compression software. This means that after you complete your purchase, you will receive an email that provides a download link for each PDF in the "bundle." This approach helps with slow internet connections, and it is also easier for you: Just click on each link and save each PDF to your computer or mobile device.

Start dreaming your 2019 battlefield park ride! 
To read about or purchase single bicycle routes, click here.

Digital (PDF) Set of 10 | 206 pages | $22.00 USD | 6" x 9" | November 12, 2018

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