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Maps to Bike Gettysburg No. 5 (color pbk, 64pp)

The Ridges Extended Loop (12.2 miles)
Maps to Bike Gettysburg
Published by Civil War Cycling
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ISBN  978-1-7326038-9-9. (March 2021)

Maps to Bike Gettysburg No. 5: The Ridges Extended Loop provides color maps and turn-by-turn directions for a safe and educational, 12.2-mile park ride through the southern half of the Gettysburg battlefield. The route covers the main Union and Confederate battle lines on July 2-3, 1863. Designed for a lightweight ride, this book complements Civil War Cycling's more detailed and comprehensive guidebook, Bicycling Gettysburg National Military Park.

Part of a new series of Gettysburg mini-books by Civil War Cycling, Maps to Bike Gettysburg No. 5 contains 16 detailed color maps with corresponding bicycle cue tables; 62 color photos; monument GPS points; and micro-histories for learning about the Battle of Gettysburg. Route 5 is a popular bike route that covers East Cemetery Hill, Seminary Ridge, Little Round Top, Devil’s Den, Rose Woods, The Peach Orchard, and Cemetery Ridge. You will enjoy a winding, up-and-down ride (a 728' cumulative gain) through fields and woodlots, some of which are not on the park auto tour. Plan for a 3-hour ride with frequent stops to appreciate the beautiful landscape and some of the park's 1,300+ monuments. 

Like all Civil War Cycling routes through Gettysburg National Military Park, Route 5 limits exposure to busy roads; provides route-specific health and safety tips; identifies one-way roads; and notes the location of bicycle racks, water, restrooms, and picnic areas.

Note: Each paperback in the Maps to Bike Gettysburg series contains a five-map summary of the Battle of Gettysburg and more historical information than the very slender digital PDF version of each route. Although there is some content overlap between these publications, their size and content are targeted to particular purposes: the guidebook for planning and education; the mini-books for cyclists who want a printed and bound set of maps and bicycle cues; and the digital PDFs for cyclists who want to read maps and cues during stops or breaks in one's tour.

Perfect Bound | 64 pages | 5" x 8" | 978-1-7326038-9-9 | March 29, 2021

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